Let’s talk about skincare…

If my business didn’t give any hints away, I LOVE skincare. In January of this year, I completed a nine-month Accutane course, and before that, I had struggled with problem skin for my whole life. Sadly, it only got worse as I got older, and once I had tried nearly every antibiotic in the book, I agreed to let my dermatologist put me on Accutane.

Because I like to “put my money where my mouth is”, here’s a before photo:

Image (3)

Annnnnnd, after:


So, yea, you can CLEARLY see the difference – both photos are make-up free. I like to make my Accutane course very clear when I talk about skincare for a couple reasons: 1) I don’t ever want anyone to think I was born with fairly-clear skin. I don’t want to be a fake. 2) I want people who struggle with their skin to know there’s a way out, and that it doesn’t have to be a hopeless battle. I remember it – well. I remember hiding from the sun because my acne couldn’t hide in direct sunlight.

But ANYWAYS – that’s not the point of this post. 🙂

Skincare is crucial. Whether you have perfect skin, troubled skin, or somewhere in between. If you don’t take care of your skin, you will (at some point) regret it.

So today, I’m talking about my nightly routine. It’s important not to slack on your regimen at night because that’s when your skin repairs itself. You’re out and about during the day, and it can’t do it then, so give it some TLC when it can relax.

Here’s my favorite products and the order in which they are used. Please note, this is what works for ME. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. What works for me might work for you, or it might not. The key is to find what does work for you by exploring the options.

Step One: Cleanse. Scrub (2-3x per week only).

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is my favorite. It’s uber-gentle but still washes away all the grime from the day.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub is gentle but gets the job done. For years, I used St. Ive’s because I was afraid to try something new, but after my dermatologist explained what those scrubbies do to your skin, I needed an out. I love this brand, so this was the one I went with.

Step Two: Tone.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner is a new favorite of mine, but I’ve loved Mario Badescu products for years. I haven’t tried something of his that I didn’t die for, and this one has raving reviews (for good reason).

Heritage Rosewater is one of my all-time favorite products because it is SO gentle. My skin never feels tight, but it satisfies my need for an after-cleansing-before-moisturizing step.

Step Three: Serum (I use this every other night or every third night).

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum is full of antioxidants and helps fight free radicals in your skin. It also helps with brightening and fighting aging. It is an acid though, so use sparingly. Those with sensitive skin (like myself), go into it slowly.

Step Four: Eye Cream.

L’Oreal Eye Defense is another favorite because it’s lightweight, fragrance-free, and seriously combats my puffy eyes. I am hugely sensitive to salty foods and allergies, so I often wake up looking like I didn’t get any sleep. This helps that before I even get into the office.

Step Five: Moisturizer.

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream is my ALL-TIME FAVE! If you’re anything like me, the thought of a night cream may totally terrify you. They’re thick and greasy and goopy, but this one is seriously amazing. It changed my view on nighttime moisturizers (although admittedly, I may never use a different one). I’ve gone through countless jars of this stuff and will 1000% keep buying it.

Step Six: Facial Oils (some people put this in a different order, and that’s cool too – this works for me because oils are typically too heavy for my skin).

Rosehip Oil has done wonders for my skin. You can use any brand, but be sure it’s the good stuff – pure, cold-pressed, kept in a dark bottle. It’s super moisturizing and contains loads of Vitamin A which is excellent for anyone’s skin. I use this every other or every third night.

Nighttime Serum Oil is a brand-new product from my own skincare line. I use it when my skin really needs some calming down – whether it’s generally freaking out or too dry or whatever else, this stuff has been a miracle for me.


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a cult favorite and for good reason. If you feel a pimple coming on, put some of this stuff on it, and say goodbye by morning.

Sephora Sleeping Mask just generally make me feel like a princess. They each serve their own purpose, and they rock. I use these in place of everything else on this list, except cleanser and eye cream. They’re $4 a pop and last about 3-4 uses – you do the math.

I know these things won’t work for everyone, but I have by far the most sensitive skin out of anyone I know, so I hope they provide some people at least a little bit of solace.

xo, B

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