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luxe bubble: skincare for sensitive skin

I was born with really sensitive skin, and it didn’t improve as I got older (sounds a lot like my first post about my struggle with acne – sheesh). When I was younger, laundry detergents gave me hives. I remember both my dad and I complaining to my mom about our skin, and she always knew right away that it must be the detergent.

Smart woman, that one…

From a very young age, I was always mixing up different body scrubs in the kitchen – sugar, lime juice, olive oil. I found that the more natural I could get, the better my skin would react.

So, after doing this for years, I decided to start a company based on the principles of natural skincare. luxe bubble was born in October 2016 out of a lifelong struggle with sensitive skin. I got tired of breaking out in a rash or getting itchy because the products I bought at the store (full of fragrances and colorants) didn’t agree with my hyper-sensitivities.

I started out with two body scrubs, Aloe Bliss and Sugared Coconut, and one bar of soap, Oatmeal Honey Bar.


Aloe Bliss was the more gentle one of the two – formulated with sea salt, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil. It quickly became a favorite, leaving your skin silky smooth while not scrubbing too aggressively.

Sugared Coconut was raved about. It’s scrubbing effects were a bit more intense. Made with brown sugar and coconut oil (yep, that’s it!), it really does some work on rough skin – while also smelling like a tropical island.

The Oatmeal Honey Bar remained the favorite bar soap (still is, in fact) because it got bubbly like a traditional bar of soap but didn’t leave your skin begging for moisturizer.


The brand quickly expanded to numerous body scrubs including Coconut Rose, Lovely Lavender, and Moana Bean and an arsenal of soothing bar soaps, Lavender Oatmeal, Honey & Milk, and Aloe & Chia, to name a select few.


Over the next few months, luxe bubble grew even further to include bath bombs and powdered clay masks.

IMG_6345   IMG_6287

Sensitive skin shouldn’t have to be a struggle – sadly, for most people, it is. With luxe bubble products, you don’t have to sacrifice your skin for luxury.

Reach out to with inquiries, or comment below with other things you’d like to see!

Have a luxe weekend.

xo, B

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