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Natural Beauty Product Spotlight: luxe bubble Body & Face Scrubs

Today, I’m highlighting three of the best-selling body scrubs from luxe bubble, my line of natural beauty products for sensitive skin: Coconut Rose, Sugared Coconut, and Lemon Honey. These products are formulated to be effective while also being super gentle for those of us who otherwise struggle with putting store-bought products on our sensitive skin.


If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out my first post to see what luxe bubble is all about.




Sugared Coconut Body Scrub

When I first dreamt up luxe bubble, I had quite literally, a lifetime of creating scrubs in my back pocket. I’ve always had sensitive skin, and over time, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. At some point, it hit me that if I was having these problems, it’s certain that other people were too. So, off I went –

The result was two scrubs – Sugared Coconut and Aloe Bliss. Sugared Coconut quickly became a favorite and remains as such. Sugared Coconut and Coconut Rose are by far my best-selling products, with Lemon Honey close behind.

Sugared Coconut is made with three ingredients – coconut oil, brown sugar, and a small amount of personally-tested preservative to keep the scrub from growing bacteria or mold.


Coconut Rose Body Scrub

As luxe bubble grew, the variety of scrubs grew (currently seven, with a couple that have been retired). Being the “girly girl” that I am, I wanted to create something pink and floral.

Since Himalayan Sea Salt was “trending”, I decided to make a scrub that was a combination of pink Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salt. And Coconut Rose was born.

Almost overnight, Coconut Rose became a favorite. Perhaps because of it’s baby pink hue, or its perfectly balanced scent of coconut and roses, or its dainty rose petals sprinkled atop of the scrub – whatever the reason, it is still one of my most requested products.


Lemon Honey Body & Face Scrub

luxe bubble kept moving along, and I decided I wanted to make a scrub that was specifically formulated to be used on the face. Previously, the scrubs had been intended for the body. There were lots of happy friends who had used them on their faces, but none were created with the face in mind.

Lemon Honey was the conclusion. Formulated with fresh lemon, honey, and a combination of sugar and sea salt, this scrub was gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin while simultaneously helping to fight acne-prone skin. Bonus: it’s also excellent as a body scrub, so it’s technically a 2-for-1!




If, like me, you’re tired of store-bought scrubs that irritate your face or body, take a visit to luxe bubble and check out the natural, gentle, effective products available!





Comment below if you have any questions! Product requests are welcome (but cannot always be accommodated), so send those too!


xo, B

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